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This blog is now six years old and has evolved much over this time. Luckily, unlike a six year old child (unless you are cruel), you can change a six year old blog’s name, right? So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ll be brief here and not bore you with an overly dramatic or verbose mission statement of this blog rebirth. But it has become ever convincingly clear that the title “What You Can’t Talk About at the Dinner Table” is no longer fitting. Basically, the 23 year old unemployed guy that wanted to shout out controversy to the mountaintops is not who I am today nor related to any recent content on this blog; I resisted renaming for a while (even just throwing a “2.0” at the end of the title for a brief period of time to indicate that the original name and intent no longer necessarily applied), as that’s just bad practice in the blogosphere: you lose followers, you confuse people, etc, etc…

But it’s time. As I gave thought to what a fitting new name should be, I realized that it had been right in front of my eyes the whole time: the URL of the blog. I had created it only because whatyoucanttalkaboutatthedinnertable.blogspot.com was painfully long and cumbersome: Vida Colorado. The colorful life. Those Spanish speakers out there will note the impreciseness here given the gender forms do not properly match. But aha! You’ve failed to realize my punniness. Colorado means “colorful,” but is also the name of my adoptive home state of four years and where I lived when I began this blog. Use of the phrase “vida colorada,” while grammatically correct, is decidedly less punny. And I love my puns. Plus the URL “vidacolorada” was taken. Win, win.

So hopefully this title has legs for the next six years, as much as “Dinner Table” had for the first six. So a new era has begun for the “dinner table blog.” May the old links break and the champagne run freely, welcome to Vida Colorado, stories, photos, and things (I think) worth sharing from my colorful life (with proper credit to the Centennial State, the place of my original inspiration).

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