Before you get started:

A few months ago, I began posting a series of short stories on the countries around the world I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to. The idea came about as a result of the dashboard you will find below. The human brain is an impressive thing, but it can be difficult to consider many (in this case, over 200) outcomes along several (in this case 10) different dimensions.

As an example:

Is being on a budget the only thing important to you when you travel? Then kick the “affordability” slider up to 100 and leave everything else alone. Result: Nepal, India and Vietnam may seem like the best countries in the world. Is being safe equally as important? Bump up the safety slider, and suddenly the Virgin Islands, Fiji, and Belize don’t seem so bad. If the thing works correctly, your list shouldn’t come as a surprise for the most part; it’s just telling you what you already know if you’ve given any thought to things like this. But challenge what you think you like and let the dynamic nature of the tool suggest places you never thought you’d find yourself. Then get out a pencil, write down your list, and get traveling.


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