You’re probably familiar with the saying “good things come to those who wait,” the phrase made popular by a UK ad campaign for Guinness in the 1990’s (if you think I’m wrong about this… check Wikipedia, sucka). Well, in this vein, all of my once loyal and diligent reader(s) (thanks mom(s)!) are about to be blessed with a good thing: the slated resumption of my blogging activity.

This first post in months is simply to explain a little bit about what to expect, and give somewhat of a foundation going forward. As anyone who has visited my blog before may notice – it is now a very much abridged version of what it once was, a shadow of its former self, as it were. The blog’s original intention  was to be very much of a “no holds barred” forum topics- with the intent of ruffling feathers and hopefully beginning good discussion/arguments. Well, after some practical examples of how this may not be a good idea, I’ve scaled back a bit – I will no longer be name calling, inciting revolution, claiming that God is on his way back on a space ship behind an asteroid to redeem the faithful, or any of the usual things I did before. I’ve decided that this is not the proper forum for things of this nature, as if I am going to get into a heated debate about Che Guevara’s hidden intentions when he started his famous t-shirt screen-printing company, I’d rather be close enough to my adversary to actually physically hit him (or her) in the face if I begin to lose the argument – I’ve never been one to hide behind cyber-space to avoid a good fight.

I considered maintaining a shadow identity and continuing to to blog in that vein (and even did so: like any patriotic blogger, I  Googled “signers of the Declaration, and picked an obscure fellow from New Hampshire to be my moniker… this was such a great idea that the main character of an entire television series could be designed around this premise). But alas, I realized that I just plain did not have the energy or willpower to continue along in that former fashion. So unfortunately, William Whipple will probably remain in historical obscurity for ever, having been known only for scribbling his name on some old document 200 odd years ago, rather than being the pen name of an up-and-coming 20-something blogger, whose wife falls asleep when he attempts to talk world events with her so is forced to write about them on the internet instead and isn’t quite sure how to get a long thought across in a grammatically correct way without creating  a run-on.

So here it is. What you Cant Talk About at the Dinner Table 2.0. The originally intent of the title, to imply controversy, no longer necessarily applies – but now that I’m married and have learned a few more of what sophisticated people call, “manners”, I’ve learned that, controversy aside, it isn’t necessarily polite to talk through the entire dinner anyway, especially during the eating portion, due to reasons including the generation of projectile food material from the mouth and simple common courtesy. So think of the new title more in that regard: courteously restrained, yet a step forward and not backward (hence 2.0). Enjoy, and as always, I encourage any discussion/comments/questions that may arise as you being to immerse yourself in 2.0 – although if you have a passionate disagreement you would like to air, I would rather meet you in an alley behind bar in a shady part of town, and I’m bringing my roll of nickels.

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