For those of you who religiously check for updates to my blog (thanks mom!), I have to offer an apology for what may be a lack of content for a short period of time.

My housemate Abby decided that my computer charger either seemed to be of nutritious value, or just a good toy, and attempted to eat it without my knowledge – therefore limiting my ability to both post new content, and stream youtube videos of laughing babies (which happen to be the two primary uses of my computer these days).

So that you don’t go home empty handed, here’s a few links worth checking out that I’ve found cool these days:

  • History of Rome – Great (free) 138 part podcast providing a COMPLETE history of the Roman empire… since I’m cheap, and have been turned off by books any thicker than the Bible after reading My Life, I find this an adequate substitute for purchasing Gibbon’s famous Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. I’m on episode 53, and I can’t get enough.
  • Literally Unbelievable – Blog I’ve been checking everyday for a while now (thanks Jason). I can’t believe some of the crazy news out there!!
  • – relatively obscure internet startup based out of California. Think this one may take off. Check it out – and feel free to “friend” me once you have created your “page” – it takes a while but it’s worth the hassle!
  • Cowboy Blog – If only this kid wrote more. He is charming, brilliant and one day will be a successful lawyer and the consigliere to my crime family based on dominating the vibrant yet still untapped Boulder County pot trade.

Oh Abby, why must you find rubber and copper wiring so appetizing?

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  1. Adorable pooch. Looks part boxer, probably the chewing part. She does seem tortured by guilt. I hope you give her lots of chew toys. Nice that you are so understanding but maybe you should quit buying the steak flavored cords.

  2. Why, thankyou. She is part boxer, and is spoiled with many toys… some of which are things which I didn't even know were toys when I bought them (shoes, sunglasses, toilet paper rolls, etc). And thanks for the tip on the cords, I'll never considered that and will keep it in mind when i get the new one!

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