I will keep my Holland post about as short as my time spent here. Here it goes: 

The passport gets stamped and I walk on through,
Pondering what in just a single day, one can really do. 
Amsterdam! The Venice of the north some say. 

With my map and a Lonely Planet, we get on along our way. 
The district of red lights, I hear is popular for instance,
But since this is a missions trip, perhaps I’ll keep my distance. 

Some of that green stuff, maybe? After all, ‘When in Rome’ that’s the motto; 
Well, no. That’s not that special, I can get it in Colorado.  
Wooden shoes how about? Well.. that seems pretty dandy.
I’m really just not sure though, when those would come in handy.

With all this to see, and all this to purchase, 
Finally, as I walk through the Museumplein, my decision emerges:
Not a Euro I’ll spend, or a vice i’ll indulge
Unless you count pickled herring, of that I’ll divulge. 

The birds, the canals, the bikes and big churches
All make for a stroll, which is pleasant under the birches. 
Europe at its best, of Amsterdam I thought.
But back to my flight; I wonder what more time could have brought. 

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