#11: Belize. The Honeymoon.

There are moments in life that define who you are. For me, one of them was on a frozen mountain lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in the early winter months of 2011: this is when I asked my wife Jenn to marry me. So began a new era…. and to kick it off, we […]

The Other 96%

“Traveling enables us to see the world through the eyes of someone else… to understand their aspirations and assumptions. It’s about empathy, which is not only important to the work of our diplomats but to all of us as we seek to understand different cultures as well as our own.” – John Kerry. Yes, that’s […]

Vida Colorado

A brief pause in our regularly scheduled programming: This blog is now six years old and has evolved much over this time. Luckily, unlike a six year old child (unless you are cruel), you can change a six year old blog’s name, right? So that’s what I’m doing. I’ll be brief here and not bore […]

#10.2: Czech Republic. The Old Fortress.

In the spring of 1939, the city of Prague had a Jewish population of over 90,000. Today less than 2,000 remain. Most of these 90,000 saw their way through Terezín at some point in the early and mid 1940’s and from there met their fates after being shipped to places like Auschwitz or Mauthausen. While […]

#10.1: Czech Republic. The Spared City.

Not many of us over the course of our lives are forced with a decision like Czechoslovak president Emil Hácha had in the spring of 1939. After much of his country had been dismantled piece by piece by his own allies in Britain and France during what has become known as Mnichovská zrada, or the “Munich […]