Vida Colorado

#1: The Dominican Republic.

In search of Cipangu and a western route to Asia for the Spanish crown, Espanola was among the first strange islands where Christopher Columbus made landfall in 1492.  Many Europeans believed at the time that Eden itself laid in the far eastern reaches of the Earth, and to get there one could sail west. Columbus was […]

The Bucket List Project

What is “The Bucket List” Project?Over the course of the next several months. I’ll be posting a short story about several countries. They are all places I’ve been, some for just a short time, and longer for others. I’ll be listing them in chronological order of when I went, spanning over the last decade or […]

The Bucket List Generator

Before you get started: A few months ago, I began posting a series of short stories on the countries around the world I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to. The idea came about as a result of the dashboard you will find below. The human brain is an impressive thing, but it can be […]

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