Vida Colorado

Should We Tax the Rich?

The central tenet of Obama’s economic platform is to raise marginal rates on the wealthiest 2% of Americans. There are many reasons why this may or may not be a good idea, or a “fair” one…. but let’s just assume that it is, and it was implemented. Below is a thought experiment that examines whether […]

How I Know Benjamin Harrison From A Fellow Miami Alum.

 How I Know Benjamin Harrison From A Fellow Miami Alum. It was a fall morning in Oxford, and as I strode along the Slant Walk the Beta Bells rang out nine times in the chilly November air, indicating I was going to be a few minutes late to my morning class. Just a few short years […]

La Vida Colorada

The rooftop is cold and inhospitable in the wind and stinging rain, but I grip my Titan and can’t help but smile as I watch the storm front roll in off of the front range into the city. “That’s what I love about Colorado,” Adam says, ” it never forgets to remind you how wild it is.” […]

Remembering 12

In memory of those 12 who died in Aurora early yesterday morning. Please pray for peace and for healing of the victims’ friends and family, as well as those still in nearby hospitals. Alex Sullivan Micayla “Cayla” Medek  Jessica Ghawi “Redfield” John Larimer Veronica Moser Matt McQuinn Gordon Cowden Jesse Childress Rebecca Wingo Alexander Teves […]

Keepers of the Bridge

Ivanka was pleasant enough. She smiled a lot and made sure to explain the aging relics of the Ottoman Empire as the van rolled northwards into Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ride was long, and  I could not help as the van sat peacefully at the border crossing to think of the 600,000 Bosnians who for […]

Good Things Come to Waiters (and Waitresses)

You’re probably familiar with the saying “good things come to those who wait,” the phrase made popular by a UK ad campaign for Guinness in the 1990’s (if you think I’m wrong about this… check Wikipedia, sucka). Well, in this vein, all of my once loyal and diligent reader(s) (thanks mom(s)!) are about to be […]

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