Vida Colorado

Manifestos, Madmen, and Misinterpretation

The world was horrified and saddened to turn on the news last Friday, with reports of a man gunning down scores of children on the tiny Norwegian island of Utoya. The shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, apparently adhered to “right-wing” extremist ideologies, and was a self identified Christian. Naturally, when a tragedy such as this one happens, the human […]

Taking the Long Way to Church, Metaphorically Speaking

Sometimes life provides metaphors that are just too perfect not to acknowledge – last Sunday I was provided with such an experience which will help me relate a topic which has weighed heavy on me, and fortuitously happens to be fitting with the general theme of the blog. The day began just as it usually does: I woke […]

What you can’t talk about at the dinner table

My current state of affairs lends itself to a lot of… introspective time. I have time to think a lot, read a lot, write a lot (hence this blog), and also play a lot of Tropico, the only computer game I brought to Denver. Call me a dweeb, but being the dictator of a small […]

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