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welcome to the all new vidacolorado. in an attempt to bring together two passions: travel and history, this thing was born from my brain over ten years ago in a western denver suburb. follow along at your own risk.

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Part III – Going to War As we stood over Granny’s bed in the hospice room we knew she didn’t have much time. Her body was frail, … morning fog hung on the fields and the frost still remained on the stalks of corn from last fall. Stan’s boots …

When I set out to write about the story of my grandfather’s tour in World War II and his life leading up …

If there ever was a paradise on this earth, it is Polynesia. These islands, formed slowly over millions of years in a …

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The Bucket List Generator

The bucket list generator is a Tableau tool designed to spark your imagination of places to go based not on what you know about the place, but based on what you know about yourself.  It has helped inspire some travels of my own and I hope can help broaden your perspective of your own personal ‘Bucket List’  

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