#9: Argentina. The “Class.”

I’m not sure why I never took the chance to study abroad in college. I’ve always been skeptical of the actual academic value of doing so (beyond the simple fact that living in a foreign country brings about inevitable “cultural” education), but nonetheless it’s an opportunity which in retrospect I’m surprised I passed up. But […]

#8: Peru. The Sacred Valley.

Quick housekeeping note: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that’s true these posts just got several thousand words longer. Or if you are like me, have just given you an excuse to skip to the pictures and be done with it rather than doing any reading. Whichever you prefer, from […]

#7: The Holy See.

I didn’t get much time to sight-see in Rome, but on my first evening in the city I did find myself somewhat by chance walking west on the Via della Conciliazione at sundown. I didn’t intentionally time things this way, but nonetheless, the timing was perfect. It was about 6 PM when we made it to St. Peter’s […]

#6: Italy. The Mission.

In or around the year 50 AD, the missionary Paul sailed to Italy to visit the nascent churches which had sprang up in Rome. These tiny churches scandalously called Lord a rebel from the far eastern provinces. Rome was no stranger to tolerating the beliefs and customs of its conquered subjects, and this was no […]